To use our infoline, you need to provide your Ticket Restaurant card´s number (16- or 19-digit number located at the front side of the card) and sometimes even your PIN code. If your Ticket Restaurant® card hasn´t been activated yet, you need to activate it before you can start using it (making payments, calling infoline, using advanced features on this website, etc.). To activate your card, you need to use the 6-digit code located at the bottom of the letter delivered together with your card.

Advanced features of this website can be used only after creating an account under MY ACCOUNT. For safety reasons, you need to log in every time, before receiving access to your account.

If you have any further questions, contact your employer or us.

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Edenred Slovakia, s.r.o.
City Business Center I
Karadžičova 8, P.O.Box 21
820 15 Bratislava
IČO: 31 328 695

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